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Firehouse Advantage

 - No Application Fees
 - No Points
 - Approval in Minutes

 - Serving the Civil Service for over 16 years
 - Firefighter Owned & Operated
 - Statewide service in Florida

All About Firehouse Mortgage, Inc.

My name is Brennan Kelley, and I am a working firefighter in southeast Florida. I began this wonderful career in firefighting in 1992 and currently hold the position of Driver Engineer.

I began my 2nd career in residential mortgage lending in early 1997. Since that time, I've had the God-given gift of what I call "parallel careers." After obtaining the experience required, I started Firehouse Mortgage, Inc. from the ground up. This wonderful decision occured in early 2001. Since the beginning, I have had the wonderful opportunity to obtain mortgage loans for the civil service, union, and blue collar work force. (Civilians, too.)

My number one priority as the owner of this company is customer satisfaction, performed one customer at a time. Firehouse Mortgage obtains this customer satisfaction by originating, processing, and closing your new loan. This process is performed by one individual--not several or many. I am fully involved with your home loan, from start to finish.

Since 1997, I have performed loans for the civil service, co-workers, friends, and family members. Firehouse mortgage obtains 99% of all business through 'word of mouth.' My customers are willing to tell their friends and family members about the wonderful experience of obtaining their new home loan--through Firehouse Mortgage. This is the number on testament, taken with pride and hard work.

Please take the time to read the customer testimonials on this site. This will assure you of the effciency, integrity, and work ethic of Firehouse Mortgage.

Specializing in the civil service, union, and blue collar work force.
Firefighter owned and operated.

Brennan D. Kelley
Firehouse Mortgage Inc.